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Nameplates Toledo, Ohio

Plastic Nameplates

Ensure that your brand is on display to the people that count with our custom injection-molded plastic nameplates. From consumer automobiles and appliances to industrial machinery, your nameplates will be designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

Signs Toledo, Ohio

Plastic Signs

Our injection-molded plastic signs are used by businesses and organizations everywhere to clearly provide information, instructions, directions and warnings. Combining visual graphics and bold wording, we will help you get your message across.

plastic injection molding Toledo, Ohio

What We Do

We offer a number of services that ensure your finished product meets your needs and specifications, and is of the highest quality possible. As well as our signature plastic injection molding we also offer prototype development, roll coating, and doming and decals.

Innovative work and a quality finish

Because injection molding companies are not all the same

When you're seeking the highest quality products delivered with a fast turnaround and at a competitive price, you need a plastic injection-molding company that's proven it can deliver time and again. Denbro has been offering our services since 1963 and over the years we have continually delighted customers throughout the Midwest.

We offer production runs as low as 100 pieces as well as prototyping and we do it all to the tightest of deadlines. If you have an urgent project and want to work with the best, there really is no other team to call.

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denbro plastics Toledo, Ohio

Denbro’s 5-Steps Value Implementation Process

To minimize hassle and smooth out the production process for our clients we work to five distinct steps that ensure you get the service and products you deserve.

Value Implementation Process 1 Toledo, Ohio

Step 1 - We listen

We realize you have a unique perspective and valuable input to bring to a project. We know that it will be more successful when we listen carefully to your needs.

Value Implementation Process 2 Toledo, Ohio

Step 2 - We investigate

We familiarize ourselves totally with what you want to accomplish. Through talking, observation and research we provide solutions while ensuring you retain control over the project.

Value Implementation Process 3 Toledo, Ohio

Step 3 - We discuss

We offer solutions specifically developed to achieve your individual goals. We don't believe in a "one size fits all” solution and understand that every situation and project is unique.

Value Implementation Process 4 Toledo, Ohio

Step 4 - We implement

After you've looked over and evaluated our solutions we can get to work. The whole Denbro team is now committed to completing your project on time and to budget.

Value Implementation Process 5 Toledo, Ohio

Step 5 - We communicate

We are in constant touch with you at each and every stage so that you know where your project is and that it's going to plan. Be it via meetings, phone calls or via email, we keep you in the loop.

We are always happy to help.

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