We provide high-quality, injection-molded plastic nameplates to the automotive advertising, industrial OEMs, recreational equipment manufacturers, and advertising specialty item industries. Our custom plastic nameplates and automotive nameplates are found on desks, walls, trucks, cars, campers, machinery, appliances and recreational products throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America.

We work with companies all over the world on many different kinds of product branding projects. Our ideal clients utilize injection-molded plastic nameplates for branding and to help their product stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our ideal clients are searching for products that are durable, dependable and provide good value. They understand that they may have to pay a little more for the quality that they require.

We work very closely with marketing, purchasing and product engineers concerned with quality and meeting deadlines. Our client contacts have a tremendous amount of responsibility and, often times, are under tight deadlines from their clients. They are looking for vendors who are reliable, stable and able to provide them peace of mind in an otherwise chaotic environment.

Denbro Plastics understands the pressures and responsibilities of our clients and has developed a unique 5-point value implementation process to maximize:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Results

Denbro Plastic’s 5-point value implementation process creates an environment for the successful completion of projects. We guide clients through each part of the process to ensure reliable feedback, communication and on-time delivery.

  • Listen
  • Investigate
  • Discuss
  • Implement
  • Communicate

This structured, process-driven approach emphasizes communication and minimizes the chances of an unpleasant surprise at a critical time.

Our clients’ world is one of change, uncertainty, variability and chaos. Denbro Plastics understands this world and helps clients gain control, minimize chaos and create a more successful environment.

We realize that we are not as big as other plastic injection molding companies. Frankly, we think that’s what helps to set us apart from all the others who say they do what we actually deliver.

Because we’re smaller, we try harder, hustle faster and are more flexible.

Due to our quick-change tooling process and in-house tool shop, we can handle orders for as few as 100 pieces up to 100,000+ pieces without sacrificing quality, value or missing aggressive due dates.

Our process-driven approach and culture allows us to become part of our client’s team. By understanding our client’s needs better than anyone else, we are able to provide solutions that help accomplish their goal.

We can accommodate any nameplate design and shape up to 196 sq. inches as standard. Larger sizes upon request.

Standard thickness is .060 for smaller sizes, up to .156 for larger sized nameplates. Custom thicknesses are available.

Standard textures include sand blasted and stippled. Other textures are available upon request.

PMS colors are available as standard. Custom colors are available.

Color application methods include roll coating, spray painting, hot stamping and silk screening.

Additional UV protection by clear coating is also available.

Materials offered include fire retardant and high temperature plastics in addition to other engineering-grade plastics.

Double-sided foam tape and mounting studs are standard methods for mounting parts.

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