Nameplate Buyer’s Guide

Nameplates have been a popular method to convey information, improve brand recognition, and stamp products with pride for hundreds of years. The materials and methods have certainly changed over the years. However, the demand for durable and high-quality plastic nameplates has remained throughout their history.

Shaping the World with Plastic: Toolboxes

Today's most preferred processes for manufacturing plastic parts and products is injection molding. It's faster, simpler, reliable, and more efficient than other means of molding plastic.

No doubt, the handy toolbox has adapted the same technology. Custom plastic injection molding is used to make branded precision plastic nameplates as well as the box itself.

Shaping the World with Plastic: Healthcare

With so many uses for plastics injection molding in the world of healthcare; many plastic injection molding companies are dedicated solely to the production of medical devices and parts for those devices.

Some even specialize and manufacture simpler, single-use items such as pipettes or syringes, and others produce products for a wide range medical applications.

Storytelling Basics That Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

If you want your company to stand out, you need to come up with a unique branding strategy. Branding can be a rather difficult endeavor but there is no need to feel overwhelmed. It requires careful planning and lots of introspective thought regarding what makes your company or business special.

Managing Communication between Your Plastic Injection Molding Company and Your Engineer

On any business project, communication is likely one of the most important ingredients for a successful outcome. When there are third-party plastic injection molding companies involved, it can be stressful making sure that channels stay open. If you’re working with an engineer to design a product or part that will need to be manufactured elsewhere there can be several people who all need to be on the same page.

Shaping the World with Plastic: The Automotive World

Plastic pieces made from the injection molding process are already a large part of the interior and exteriors of our cars. Plastics make up a surprising amount of the average vehicle; ranging from door handles and steering wheels to electrical connectors and light sockets.

When and Why to Use Injection Molding Vs. Vacuum Formed Plastic

Determining when to use injection molding instead of vacuum forming depends on a few factors. Establishing the importance of these factors in the finished product designates that process is the better choice.

Are durability and strength an issue? Does the product require tight parameters or a very low tolerance in clearance?

Engineering requirements and designs, as well as the cost per part, are all prime aspects when choosing between these two manufacturing processes.

Plastic Injection Molding Companies Shape the World

Plastic injection molding, such as plastic nameplates, is all around us. It's so prevalent that you might not notice it, but it's embedded deeply in our surroundings. Cars have plastic parts. Bottle caps, sports equipment, combs, and even medical devices all use plastic injection molding processes.