Industrial Nameplates

Premium industrial nameplates are one of our areas of expertise. We've been making nameplates for industry for more than 50 years and have built an international client-base of people who know they can depend on our products for quality and durability.

Nameplates for industry is not just something we do; it’s also our tagline!

Since many times, industrial nameplates are attached to heavy equipment to tag it so it can be identified easily, these nameplates have to be strong enough to cope with dirt, corrosive materials, grease, water and a range of chemicals.

Denbro industrial nameplates are suitable for use either indoors or outdoors and are designed to be stronger and more durable than the equipment they are applied to.

What makes our industrial nameplates superior to others?

Our nameplates for industry are:

  • Resistant to chemicals, abrasion and oil
  • Waterproof, weather resistant and extremely durable
  • Available in matte, textured, brushed and glossy finishes
  • Suitable for use indoor or outdoor
  • Available in a variety of color choices
  • Economical

We can accommodate any nameplate design and shape up to 196 sq. inches as standard. Larger sizes are available upon request. Standard thickness is .060 for smaller sizes, up to .156 for larger sized nameplates. Custom thicknesses are available.

Materials offered include fire retardant and high temperature plastics in addition to other engineering-grade plastics. PMS colors are available as standard. Custom colors are available, as well as additional UV protection by clear coating. We use double-sided foam tape and mounting studs for mounting parts.

Color application methods include roll coating, spray painting, hot stamping and silk screening. Click to learn more about our nameplate decorating capabilities. 
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