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Plastic nameplates can convey messages, brand, classifications, description,warnings, schematics and instructions and many other types of product information. We make custom plastic nameplates according to your specification and brand standards.

So, whether you’re looking for plastic nameplates for product identification, company logos, product warnings, product identification, industrial machinery signs or toolbox logos, Denbro Plastics of Toledo has the process, customer service and quality you need.

Product identification plays an important role in communicating a product’s position and brand and our high-quality, custom plastic molded nameplates will convey your message, classifications, descriptions, warnings, schematics, instructions and more.

We custom make nameplates according to your specifications and brand standards. From ordering to delivery, we ensure your nameplates are our priority!

By utilizing superior custom plastic molding techniques we can produce even the most complex and intricate shapes and offer:

  • Consumer Product Nameplates
  • Machinery Nameplates
  • Electronics Nameplates
  • Warning Nameplates for Machinery
  • Product Nameplates for Industrial Use
  • Industrial Toolbox Nameplates
  • TV and Radio Nameplates

Appliances demand plastic nameplates that stand up to heavy use and harsh work environments. Plastic appliance nameplates are a better option over labels or metal as they are durable and not readily affected by moisture.

When an appliance nameplate calls for decoration, consider injection-molded plastic decorated with paint or hot stamping. Denbro Plastics has many standard paint colors to choose from or we can have paint specially formulated to meet specific color and branding requirements.

Hot stamping is also available in multiple colors as well metallic chrome, gold or brushed finishes. Whether you choose the economy of screen printing, the durability of hot-stamping or the uniqueness of a holograph, there are appliance nameplate decorating options that meet every need and budget.

Because we are competitively priced and offer assistance with color matching, sizing and product specification, our high-quality nameplates represent your company properly every time. We have the material and finish you need for boats & watercraft trailer nameplates, pool table brand nameplates, warning & instruction nameplates and much more. Because we are competitively priced and offer assistance with color matching, sizing and product specification, Denbro Plastic’s high-quality nameplates will represent your company properly every time.

Nameplate for interior or exterior use

We have the material and finish you need for recreational products like:

  • Boats & watercraft trailers nameplates
  • Pool table brand nameplates
  • Warnings & instruction nameplates

We can customize your nameplate with color-matching and a secure mounting system. Contact us today for a free quote

Automotive nameplates need to be durable as they are subject to harsh environments while also being readable and clear from a long distance away. Denbro Plastics uses injection molding to produce high-quality automotive nameplates that are standard or custom color-matched at overall lower costs. We also create:

  • Car logo nameplates
  • Car dealer advertising nameplates
  • Truck nameplates
  • RV brand nameplates
  • Campers

Over the past 50 years, Denbro Plastics has designed and manufactured nameplates for industry for clients around the world. These long-lasting and durable plastic signs are made using standard plastic materials including ABS cellulose and styrene, and manufactured to meet industry, state and federal requirements. We use plastic injection molding as the mass production method for plastic signs. Choose from text-only or a combination of text and images.

Our nameplates for industry are:

  • Resistant to chemicals, abrasion and oil
  • Waterproof, weather resistant and extremely durable
  • Available in matte, textured, brushed and glossy finishes
  • Suitable for use indoor or outdoor
  • Available in a variety of color choices
  • Economical

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