Plastic Signs

Plastic Signs Toledo, OhioPlastic signs are an age old way of providing information (i.e. identification, directions, warnings, etc.) to people and a combination of words and visual graphics are typically used to communicate a sign’s message.

Plastic signs first started appearing in the 1950s as a cheaper alternative to metal and neon signs. Today, plastic nameplates are used in a large percentage of the signs manufactured in the United States.

Plastic signs provide identification, directions, and warnings so people can make accurate decisions. We combine words and visual graphics to communicate your message accurately.

Some of the plastic signs we have manufactured over our 50-year history:

The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination based on disability. Today, all signs that are considered “architectural” (they identify rooms, exits or other spaces) must comply with ADA guidelines:

  • Non-glare backgrounds and characters
  • Must have dark-to-light or light-to-dark contrast between characters and the background
  • Typeface must be easy to read
  • ADA signs that identify rooms and spaces must be adjacent to the door they identify

These long-lasting and durable plastic signs are made using standard plastic materials and manufactured to meet all industry, state and federal requirements. We use Plastic injection molding as the mass production method for plastic signs. Choose from text-only or a combination of text and images for your safety, warning, danger and caution signs.

Facility signs help project a clear impression of your organization and ensure your policies are visible to each employee and any visitors you have. Denbro Plastics can customize any facility sign to reflect your brand’s unique graphic standards.

Facility signs include:

  • Welcome
  • Keep out
  • Private Property
  • No smoking
  • Employee-only area designation
  • Office and other room identification

Directional signs are some of the oldest types of signs and the custom directional signs from Denbro Plastics add to an office’s decor and make it easier for clients, visitors and vendors to find locations. Directional signs are used in office buildings, hospitals, city buildings, and parking garages and lots. Interior directional signs have no permitting requirements however outside directional signs are often controlled by local and state guidelines and may require a sign permit.

Your corporate interior – lobby, hallways, showrooms and meeting spaces – should provide visitors and employees with a unique and memorable brand experience and is an increasingly critical element in bringing your brand values to life. Denbro Plastics can design and manufacture the perfect wall sign to display your brand to employees, customers and visitors.

Imagine what things were like before 1926 before there was unenforced curbside parking, lack of off-street parking facilities and people could basically park wherever they wanted. This just wouldn't be an option today when there are so many cars on our roads. Thank goodness for signs.

Parking signs indicate prohibitions or restrictions on parking and give you the option of adding your own message, colors and graphics to get your point across in a clear and personalized way.

Typical parking signs include:

  • Time Limit Parking Signs
  • No Parking Signs
  • Street Cleaning Signs
  • No Stopping Signs
  • Permit Parking Areas
  • Disabled Parking Signs

Sidewalk signs, or sandwich boards, draw traffic into your business and are often used by restaurants, cafés and retailers to promote products and services curbside. Denbro Plastics manufacture sidewalk signs in a variety of styles and sizes and makes them portable so they they can be easily moved or brought inside when not being used. They are the perfect mini-marketing solution for small businesses seeking new custom or promoting services.

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