Custom Plastic Molding

Custom Plastic Molding Services Spanning 50+ Years

When considering a plastic OEM component or a product nameplate, look closely at Denbro Plastics; a source of precision custom plastic molding services that combine versatility with economy.

From the initial project, which may require calling on our expertise, through to what we call “project awareness” we make a point to identity what you need and when, and consider that as significant as the actual physical specifications.

The Denbro Plastics facility, with over 10,000 square feet of production capacity including low cost injection molding, roll coating, hot stamping, finishing and assembly, also has the capability for sub-assembly. The process starts in our in-house tooling and mold shop for prototype and production molds.

Beyond having the necessary equipment and trained personnel Denbro Plastics has another asset that is possibly of even greater value to you; the inherent desire to fully and completely satisfy your requirements.

Affordable Custom Plastic Molding Services that Serve Your Needs

Denbro Plastics offers a wide range of production and finishing capabilities. Whether low-cost prototype tooling or automotive standard paints, individually or in combination with other choices, these features offer advantages for applications as wide-ranging as OEM components, and equipment or vehicle name plate projects.

  • In-house tooling operation and mold shop for lower costs and expedited deliveries.
  • Close tolerance capabilities for OEM components and highly decorative nameplates.
  • Color selection using either PMS (Pantone Matching System) or custom color mix-and-match.
  • Standard plastic materials including ABS. cellulosic and styrene
  • High heat and fire retardant materials are available for specialized applications.
  • Decorative finishes can be done in automotive quality paints, which are highly durable especially in outdoor applications.
  • Embossed or de-bossed surface available to adhere to your design selection.
  • Multi-colored finishes precisely applied.
  • Low-cost tooling particularly appropriate for prototype work.
  • Any configuration or design can be accommodated including open shape or solid background. Any letter design of block, script, custom or actual logo duplication.
  • Several options for affixing identification plates including exclusive Secure-A-Mount double-sided tape adhesive suitable for any product surface. Mounting holes provide another option.
  • Sizes available up to an extra-large 24″.
  • Other capabilities that are unique to each specification.

Flexible Resources that Can be Used in a Wide Range of Applications

  • OEM Components and Sub-assemblies
  • Product Identification
  • Instructional Plaques
  • Vehicle Nameplates
  • Picture Frame Bezels
  • Fuse Boxes and Covers
  • Coast Guard – Capacity Plates
  • Decorative Trim
  • Advertising Specialties
  • Game Tables
  • Toolbox Nameplates
  • Conveyors
  • Medical Equipment
  • File Cabinets
  • Electrical Assemblies
  • Physical Fitness Equipment

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