FAQ for Custom Plastic Molding

Number of Years in Business

Denbro Plastics has specialized in injection molding services and the innovative design and manufacturing of injection-molded plastic name plates, tags, emblems for 50 years. Denbro Plastics was founded in 1963 by Bob Denison and Harlan Brown. In 1993, Jack McKisson, purchased the business and continues the tradition of producing high-quality plastic name plates.

Custom Plastic Molding Process

Denbro Plastics uses a unique 5-step injection molding process designed to minimize hassle, avoid duplication and provide clients with a complete and comprehensive picture of their project.

Tooling Capabilities for Injection Molding

Denbro Plastics’s in-house tooling operation and mold shop allows for pinpoint quality control and personal attention to each order. Due to our unique quick-change tooling process, we have greater scheduling flexibility and can handle orders for as few as 100 pieces up to 100,000+ pieces without sacrificing quality, value or missing aggressive due dates.

Design Capabilities

Plastic name plates can be molded to virtually any shape or texture and Denbro Plastics has many post injection-mold decorating options limited only by your imagination. Capabilities include screen printing, in-mold texturing, hot stamping, roll coating, metallic foil, holographic, UV clear-coating, dome coating, metallic pearlescent and glitter.


Customer service is Denbro Plastics’s most important product. Our “on time” service policy means you’ll get your delivery when it was promised.

It allows plastic to be molded into many different complex shapes with tight tolerances. Advantages of using custom injection molding to manufacture a plastic component or name plate:

  • Complex and intricate plastic shapes can be manufactured
  • A high volume of plastic nameplates and custom plastic signs can be manufactured at the same time with the same mold
  • Many options for decorating plastic injection molded pieces including textures in the mold, metallic foil, ink, UV protection.
  • Molds are low(er) in cost and have a longer usability

The process ensures manufacturing consistency for plastic components, parts and name plates. If you need complex shapes, tight tolerances and a high rate of production, injection molding may be for you. There is also nearly no wasted material. What little waste or unused material there is can easily be recycled.

It depends on the size and complexity of the plastic name plate, component or part. We have produced injection molds that have ranged from several hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Offshore is generally less expensive than tooling produced in the US. However, just considering the cost does not provide a complete picture. There are other considerations, such as design changes and drawing interpretation, longer production and shipping time. As a result, the total cost of injection mold tooling produced offshore may actually be higher than plastic injection mold tooling produced domestically.

Usually if the customer purchases the plastic injection molding tool, they own it. In most cases, Denbro Plastics store the plastic injection molding tooling for free until re-order. Occasionally, the customer requests that the injection mold tooling be returned with the order and we honor that request.

Yes. Denbro Plastics is a full-service plastic injection molding company.

  1. Screen Printing – one of the most economical options for decorating a plastic name plate or component.
  2. In-Mold Textures – the process of adding a design or pattern to the surface of a mold.
  3. Hot Stamping – a dry printing method in which a heated die and foil are used to apply graphics to a surface. The better the artwork at the beginning, the better the imprint reproduction result.
  4. Roll Coating – commonly used for the application of a liquid, such as ink or clear finish, to the surface of the plastic. A roll coating machine transfers a layer of coating from the roller surface to the custom plate piece.
  5. Metallic Foil – a high-gloss and durable metallic foil is imprinted with a logo or design and attached to a metallic substrate for a durable and beautiful custom piece.
  6. Holographic – for a unique look consider a holographic design printed on a polycarbonate substrate.
  7. UV Protected Clearcoat – for exterior applications, a UV clear coat is essential to protect the plastic piece from the sun or lighting in a retail setting.
  8. Dome Coating – UV light is used to cure the finishes into a highly polished and durable coating.
  9. Metallic Pearlescent – creates a jewel-like finish ideal for creative and decorative applications.
  10. Glitter – distinctive, eye-catching and photogenic, and can be applied to a variety of substrates.

Generally, we require a drawing or picture of the product, the dimensions, the quantity and the decoration requirements. We review this in our 5-Point Implementation Process and after coming to a proposal agreement, submit a quotation.

There are variables to consider when calculating the life of a plastic injection mold including:

  • Complexity of the part
  • The type of material to be molded
  • The type of material to be used to construct the mold.

Generally an injection mold should be designed for several hundred thousand cycles.

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