Domed Decals and Bubble Labels

Domed Decals and Bubble Labels Enhance Appearance

If you need an elegant, high-end look for your labeling needs and plastic nameplates are not an option, look no further than domed decals and bubble labels.

Doming, the process of adding a thick, poured epoxy coating, adds to the perceived value and image of your product, equipment and overall brand. Similar to plastic nameplates, domed decals, domed labels and domed stickers (also called bubble labels or 3D decals) can convey messages, branding, classifications, description, warnings, schematics and instructions and many other types of product information.

Doming not only enhances the appearance of the decal but also increases durability and fading due to ultra violet lights. They can also withstand temperature ranges from -50° to 250°F.

The process allows for quick turnaround, extreme flexibility and the ability of a product to be more visible due to its 3D appearance. Domed labels, decals or stickers can be any size, depending on their intended use, and are usually positioned to be clearly visible and legible on the product itself.

Doming Applications

Domed decals and labels should be considered when a high-quality decorative nameplate or emblem is needed, but plastic is not an option. Applications include:

  • Appliances
  • Lawn, Garden and Other Outdoor Equipment
  • Toolboxes
  • Machinery
  • High-end Consumer Products
  • Custom Automotive Decals
  • Doming Adhesive

Give us additional information on application, environment (i.e. inside or outside), manufacturing process and any adhesive specifications you may have and we will recommend the doming adhesive thickness and strength that best matches your situation. Label detachment issues can be avoided if we are brought into the process sooner rather than later.

Domed Decals for Cars, Trucks and Other Vehicles

In addition to domed decals for product branding and identification, we also provide custom domed automotive decals for auto dealerships. Many dealerships use simple vinyl decals or other materials to brand their vehicles. Domed decals take dealership branding to the next level. Not only do these decals stand out, but customers are less likely to remove them, aiding dealerships in brand awareness and recall. Domed labels are a very economical option for dealerships.

The 3-D appearance and depth of our custom automotive decals, distinguish dealerships from the competition and enhance their image to current and potential customers. Custom automotive decals and metallic colors are available.

Benefits of using domed decals and bubble labels for automotive applications:

  • Durable – last outdoors for more than 3 years
  • Raised dome makes dealership name and logo stand out
  • Adhere to most surfaces including curved, rough, smooth and soft
  • Conform to a variety of shapes
  • Do not discolor, crack or harden
  • Resistant to temperature and moisture extremes

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