Roll Coating and Plastic Nameplate Decorating

Roll coating machines are commonly used for the application of a liquid such as ink or clear finish, to the surface of a plastic nameplate or component. Roll coaters have many forms from the shape of a paint roller to multiple rollers on more advanced machinery. A roll coating machine works by transferring a layer of the coating from the surface of the roller to the surface of the custom plate piece. When this happens, a phenomenon known as “film splitting” occurs, where the layer of coating on the surface of the roll splits – part of it stays on the roller, and the other part sticks to the surface of the custom plastic component.

At Denbro Plastics we are proud to be able to offer our clients the most advanced, decorative and long lasting finishes found anywhere in the custom plastic molding industry. We are also always looking for ways to evolve, develop and enhance our product offering, which is why many years ago, we decided to add decorating capabilities to our product line.

So that we could do this in the most professional manner possible, we worked closely with a roller manufacturer so that we were able to investigate the different types of roller compounds that would promote the most efficient transfer of various types of paints to a plastic substrate. The goal was to isolate a single product that could be used on many different substrates.

In addition to the different materials to be decorated, other considerations we took into account were the speed of application, the diameter of the roller and both the volume of liquid that was dispensed and the recovery rate of the material.

To get the process to meet our exacting standards it ended up taking approximately one year to achieve initial success of applying a coating to just one type of plastic material. The process was then modified to achieve an acceptable production rate. Once this was accomplished, experimentation continued at a rapid pace with different compounds, speeds and feeds until a universal roller was developed that had the capability to accommodate many different substrates.

Today, Denbro Plastics’ plastic nameplate decorating service includes not just paints but also inks and other compounds which add value and durability to many plastic items.

To learn more, please take a moment to watch the short video on the roll coating process below:

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